Lucky Bo Jalan Bangkung

When you hear about Lucky Bo, you would be surprised that people will always relate that place with steaks and “char koay teow”. Weird as it sounds but it isn’t once you actually go to the place and order the Wagyu Tomahawk. This was what the group did and we had a blast.

Seeing that we only had 4 of us, we went ahead and ordered the 1.8kg Wagyu Tomahawk steak, cooked to medium rare which comes with a plate of fried koay teow. Basically, the fats from the wagyu steak is used to fry the koay teow dish which gives it a beefy flavour. Still, 1.7kg wasn’t enough for 4 hungry boys and we were craving for more.

Let’s talk about the tomahawk first, size wise it felt small but how they have cooked it was quite satisfactory. If I were to really nitpick, I would say that the cut was unevenly cooked as certain parts were cooked until well done whilst some parts maintained at medium rare. Flavour-wise, we preferred Lucky Bo’s over Ril’s which was located nearby.  The char koay teow was a nice addition and can only be obtained if you purchase the tomahawk wagyu.

Definitely a place that the group would go back again for another round of steaks.


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